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Ideally, a yacht should afford maximum scope for dreams and wishes to come true. Which is why no concessions should be made to the ordinary or average anywhere on board. This can only be achieved by taking a radical approach and consistent action: the tried-and-tested has to be repeatedly reviewed, even the supposedly immutable may have to go overboard to make way for new and extraordinary solutions. While this may not be the easy option, it is certainly an exciting one – and one that is rewarded with surprising results in terms of planning and design. Time and again.

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Exterior: More than mere Appearance

For a yacht to be a winner, the countless small details have to add up to a convincing whole – which is why FOCUS Yacht Design considers each project as a whole right from the start. The exterior, for example, is always the work of experts from various disciplines, who cooperate in a round-table process to mould the highly diverse input into one joint creative process. This results in yachts which can develop their distinctive individual characteristics simply because they take all the decisive parameters into account: not only the interior, but also aspects such as comfort, engineering and functionality. This holistic approach culminates in a harmonious overall effect that instantly underlines the vessel‘s uniqueness – and one that is ultimately pleasing in every single detail.

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Interior Design

Clever combinations of different elements are the quintessence of style – and FOCUS Yacht Design prides itself on its ability to identify the essential character of a yacht's interior. The tasteful combination of eclectic, even contrasting shapes, colors and materials makes interiors come to life, effectively and impressively. The definitive touch that turns the unusual into the inimitable. 


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